Tennelli Mission

Tennelli leads excellence in risk management through root-cause analysis training and execution, with an added focus on engineering leadership and critical thinking. We employ personal, associative and digital networks to reduce organizational risk, cost and waste to minimize exposure to engineering operations where people are involved and finance is at stake.

Tennelli Vision

We bring real-time decision making to the toughest engineering problems affecting your company through risk, cost and quality innovation.  We harness the creative potential of human and intellectual assets and develop engineering leadership for optimum operational and financial performance.

Tennelli provides innovative solutions to engineering companies through consulting, services and training

We focus our engineering expertise on innovation in risk management, engineering and education.  As experienced engineers we understand the technical challenges and skill constraints experienced by companies; and we design and implement solutions for complex problems with tested engineering methodologies to reduce your risk, cost and waste.

We also provide effective skills and technology transfer within your organization.  We can assist your company with the implementation of a single solution such as root-cause analysis or training; or offer you a full suite of consulting services in the design and execution of customized engineering, risk or quality management systems.  We do this by continually engaging with you and your team to fully understand your challenges and implement sustainable solutions in response to your requirements.


Tennelli offers consulting in a select range of engineering & process disciplines, including industrial, mechanical, aeronautical & process engineering, process improvement, process costing, quality & risk management and the design of knowledge management system.
Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering techniques, methodologies, education and training. Through the Tennelli Training Academy we offer a comprehensive suite of training courses ranging from one day to five day courses.
Cost optimization and reduction is a primary business objective for executive and senior management in companies. We are experienced in the design and implementation of unique cost optimization techniques, including lean, process costing, activity-based costing, cost of poor quality and value-stream mapping.
We design and implement continual improvement systems for significant waste and cost reduction. These include data analysis & trending, value-stream mapping, root-cause analysis, relevant problem-solving techniques and statistical process control.



Tennelli offers the design and implementation of a complete and integrated quality management system, and we first ascertain the maturity of your existing systems based on relevant international standards. The Tennelli Quality Gap Assessment Tool© measures the progress and adoption of the existing management systems in your company and recommends solutions to obtain relevant international accreditation. If your company requires a complete solution, we will work with your teams and stakeholders to implement a simple yet effective system that is understood and adopted by the people that use them.

A company is composed of embodied knowledge including organizational structure, industry-specific experience, technology, systems and operating procedures. Tennelli simplifies your business by providing detailed and tested procedures for engineering processes, quality management, data analysis and problem solving. As a registered Client you have access to a wide range of detailed procedures for the design and implementation of engineering and quality structures in your company. You have the option to edit the procedure to fit and promote the purpose of your business, or use it as is.

Tennelli offers high-level or detailed training on the new ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, and we assist our Clients in conversion from the 2008 to the current Standard.

Risk Management

Risk and uncertainty are two key considerations in the current global economic and political business climate.  We design strategic and operational risk identification, analysis and management systems that enable you to mitigate or eliminate risks to your business and operation.  These may include the Risk gap analysis, the design of risk registers and matrices, Failure-Mode-and Effect Analysis (FMEAs) and Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOPs).

Root-Cause Analysis

A key element of risk management is root-cause analysis (RCA) and we have extensive quality assurance and continuous improvement experience in the aerospace, utility and manufacturing industries with an exceptional track record in successful incident investigations and RCA.  Root-cause analysis is a usually reactive method of solving complex problems by breaking them down into simple cause-and-effect relationships.  The analysis identifies both the obvious and the underlying causes of an issue so that specific solutions can be implemented.  A complete root-cause analysis consists of a clear definition of the problem, a thorough analysis supported with evidence and a specific corrective action plan for implementing the solutions and monitoring the effectiveness thereof.

Data Analysis and Trending

Tennelli offers data analysis with simple but insightful techniques.  These may include trending, statistical process control and Pareto analysis depending on the volume and detail of data available for analysis.  Trending provides information on the recurrence of problems, costs and lessons; and offers opportunity for systemic continual improvement within the company.  Statistical process control offers opportunity for reducing waste and cost in your organization by identifying process instability.  Pareto analysis, on the other hand, is an effective technique for identifying the highest contributing factors to any problem or cost.  These simple techniques provide useful information for continual improvement, waste reduction and cost saving.

Incident Investigations

Incident investigations are required for the enhancement of safety in the workplace and to maintain or improve the quality of the products and services rendered.  Standard layout, logical recording and well considered reasoning are of cardinal importance when the causes of incidents are to be determined.  The method of recording the proceedings of an incident investigation will not only make the job of the investigator(s) much easier, but will also ensure that the standards of future incident investigations will consistently be of a high standard.  A well conducted incident investigation enables the Review Board to issue instructions that will effectively address the root cause, thereby preventing a future recurrence.

Technical Audits

Tennelli has the experience and expertise to conduct technical and engineering audits and to evaluate deficiencies or areas for improvement in a process or system. The objectives of a technical audit are to evaluate whether an operation performs as per specified requirements; to ensure that system control is operational; to determine whether equipment operates as per specified standards and requirements; and to ascertain whether the organizational hierarchy and system ensures adequate assigned responsibility and authority.  Technical audits are a measure of preventive action to ensure quality of service, mitigation of risk and reduction of project and operating costs.

Process and Quality Costing

Tennelli has designed and implemented unique process cost models that integrate design principles from ABC costing, cost of quality, cost engineering and traditional accounting.  We simplify and adapt costing methodologies to fit your organization and industry; and implement costing and reporting systems that extract useful and relevant management data and information.

Lessons Learned Systems

Lessons learned systems are often ineffective and costly.  Tennelli has benchmarked international best practice in the design of lessons learned systems and employs this information to design lessons learned systems that integrate with your company’s existing risk or quality management system.  We have designed a unique Lessons Learned Coding© system that provides senior management with an executive dashboard overview of the company or project lessons; or provides operational personnel with a detailed understanding of their challenges and learnings.  The system is efficient, effective and allows competitive advantage through enabling continual learning in your organization.


Tennelli designs and implements benchmarking techniques that enable corporate competitive advantage through the identification of local and global best practice. These techniques include strategic, product and process benchmarking.  Strategic benchmarking influences the longer-term strategy and competitiveness of a company and enables a firm to anticipate market and economic changes.  Performance and product benchmarking compares the performance levels of a specific process, product or activity across high-performing companies.  Global executives identify benchmarking as one of the top ten strategies for innovation and business advantage.

Skills Transfer

The importance of technology transfer and related competitiveness can never be over-emphasised; and engineering and continual improvement solutions are only sustainable with effective transfer of skills and technology to the organizational members.  Our combination of skills in engineering and education enables us to train and educate from shopfloor personnel to senior management and we transfer knowledge in the form of procedures, manuals and systems to enable a sustainable learning organization.  We strongly believe in long-term relationships and as our technology and education partner, you will have continued access to our services and professional input after our engagement.

Technical Report Writing

Technical report writing is an essential function of all technical and engineering personnel.  It requires much skill and experience to construct an effective report that conveys the requisite level of detail and technical information, and Tennelli provides training on the lay-out, design and content of well-structured technical reports.  We also offer a technical editing service for Clients that prefer expertise in detailed and complex report writing.

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Dr Hannelie Nel is Director of Tennelli.

She holds a Doctorate in Engineering Management, a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. She has over twenty years’ experience in both industry and academia and is a registered Professional Engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa.  Her work involves the design and implementation of risk management systems with a focus on cost and quality.


“Dr Nel did an amazing job.  She made us feel relaxed and confident to stand in front and do our presentations. Sharing our experience definitely helps with dealing with day-to-day challenges at work.”

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