Operational Risk Management

This program is designed for a company that intends to develop and implement an operational risk management system that ultimately supports the company strategy and business objectives. In the Tennelli Risk Management approach operational risk management represents Stage Two, Risk Value Mapping and Assessment.

During Stage Two, risk value mapping is employed to analyze and assess existing business processes and to create a blueprint of current risk management systems in the organization. Risk value mapping also identifies opportunities for improvement in systems and current risk practices. A unique feature of this process is the design of customized risk coding, risk metrics and risk matrices for the company.

In this program we engage Risk Owners, Process Owners and Risk Managers on the following topics:

  • The business and economic imperative of operational risk management.
  • Highlights of the current developments and advances in risk management.
  • An overview of the innovative three-stage Tennelli Risk Management approach to proactive risk and compliance management.
  • Risk value mapping to create a risk value map and an operational risk scorecard with key risk indicators.
  • Design of custom risk coding, risk metrics and risk matrices for the organization.
  • Design of effective risk reporting systems.
  • Identification of continuous improvement opportunities.
  • The imperative of root-cause analysis and incident investigations.
  • The value of knowledge management and lessons learned systems.