Tennelli Risk Management

Our Company Mission

At Tennelli our focus is the implementation of enterprise and operational risk management systems that are aligned with organizational strategy and business objectives.

We emphasize quality, continuous improvement, knowledge management and return on investment as drivers.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition offers the design and implementation of innovative and practical enterprise and operational risk management systems:

An integrated enterprise and operational risk
management system aligned to organizational strategy.

Customized risk coding and metrics that support
analysis, prioritization and knowledge sharing.

Value adding risk monitoring and reporting
business processes for continuous improvement.

The Tennelli Approach

We assess and implement risk management in your
business with an innovative three-stage approach

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment of the organizational strategy, business objectives and enterprise risk management system.

Customized Risk Management Services

We offer the following unique and customized risk management products and services

  • Development of an integrated strategic map to align risk management with organizational strategy and business objectives.
  • Design of a custom risk coding system and related metrics.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of existing risk management systems.
  • Risk value mapping to identify opportunities for improvement in cost and operational efficiency.
  • Implementation and audit of ISO 31000:2018.
  • Return on investment analysis for ongoing economic value of risk management.
  • Design of coded knowledge management and lessons learnt systems.
  • Root cause analysis and incident investigation.
  • Facilitated strategic and operational risk identification workshops employing PESTEL and SWOT.
  • Customized executive and operational risk management training.
  • Recommendation of risk management software based on business and risk process analysis.
  • Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 with integrated risk and knowledge management.

Benefits to our Clients

  • An innovative three-stage approach to proactive risk and compliance management.
  • Alignment of risk management to organizational strategy and business objectives.
  • Integration of risk management into existing business and reporting processes.
  • Economic value analysis of the cost and benefits of risk management.
  • Increased employee awareness and engagement with risk management.
  • Improved effectiveness of risk communication and reporting.
  • Continuous improvement and knowledge management.
  • Alignment of risk management to international standards.